Project MagicSmoke

Human Readable Version: 2.1 beta
Communication Layer Version: 0103
Minimum Compatible Version: 0100

Repository Type: git
Repository URL: file:///home/konrad/src/smoke
Repository Path:
Author: Konrad Rosenbaum
Time Stamp: 2017-07-04 22:58:24 +0200
Revision: febf6d5ddef07b5cefceb5b4cbcfc7c817506e3a

Database Instance Object: db
Database Schema Object: dbScheme
Database default access mode: updating
Database Schema Version: 01.10

These files describe the database schema and communication protocol of MagicSmoke.

© Konrad Rosenbaum, 2009-2017
these files are protected under the GNU AGPLv3 or at your option any newer