Table customer

customer data, base table

Column NameTypePropertiesDocu
customeridseq32Primary-Key ID for the customer
titlestringpart of the name: titles, like "Mr.", "Prof.", etc.
firstnamestringfirst name(s) of the customer
namestring(second/family) name of the customer
commentstextNULL-able comments about the customer
emailstringNULL-able mail address, used as contact by automatic mails and as login name
passwdstring:64NULL-able salted SHA-1 hash of customers login password
rstcodestringNULL-able reset code, used when the customer forgot the password
rsttillint64NULL-able timer until which the reset code is valid
cflagsstringNULL-able flags of the customer, these are not to be confused with user flags, instead they can be set by the customer eg. to get a newsletter
tagsstringNULL-able additional tags for this customer, can be used by scripts; these cannot be manipulated or even seen by customers