Table voucher_audit

Column NameTypePropertiesDocu
auditidseq64Primary-Key additional primary key for auditing
audittimeint64NULL-able Time at which the change was made.
auditunamestring:64NULL-able The user name of the user who made the change.
audittransactionstring:64NULL-able The transaction name under which the change was made.
voucheridstring:32a 8-32 char code (code39: case-insensitive letters+digits) for the voucher
priceint32price of the voucher (0 if cancelled)
orderidint32order this voucher belongs to
isusedboolNULL-able default="false" marker: voucher has been used to pay something
valueint32remaining value in cents (0 for cancelled)
tagsstringNULL-able additional tags for this voucher, can be used by scripts
validtimeint64NULL-able time till which the voucher is valid or NULL if it is valid indefinitely