tzhelp.h File Reference
#include <QtGlobal>
#include <QByteArray>

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qint64 TimeZoneLib::dateTime2stamp (qint64 days, quint8 h, quint8 m, quint8 s)
qint64 TimeZoneLib::dateTime2stamp (int y, quint8 mon, quint8 day, quint8 hr, quint8 min, quint8 s)
qint64 TimeZoneLib::daysSinceEpoch (int year, int month=1, int day=1)
qint64 TimeZoneLib::decodeInt (const QByteArray &a, int s=4)
qint64 TimeZoneLib::decodeInt64 (const QByteArray &a)
qint64 TimeZoneLib::fdiv (qint64 num, qint64 div)
qint64 TimeZoneLib::firstWeekDayOf (int year, int month, int wday)
bool TimeZoneLib::isLeapYear (int year)
qint64 TimeZoneLib::lastWeekDayOf (int year, int month, int wday)
void TimeZoneLib::offset2Date (qint64 off, qint16 &y, quint8 &m, quint8 &d)
int TimeZoneLib::pmod (qint64 num, int mod)
void TimeZoneLib::stamp2Date (qint64 off, qint16 &y, quint8 &m, quint8 &d)
void TimeZoneLib::stamp2Time (qint64 stamp, quint8 &h, quint8 &m, quint8 &s)
int TimeZoneLib::weekDayOf (int year, int month=1, int day=1)
int TimeZoneLib::weekDaySinceEpoch (qint64 daySinceEpoch)


static const qint64 TimeZoneLib::SecondsPerDay =86400