MagicSmoke  $VERSION$
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3 #ifndef WOBGEN_MOCartTicket
4 #define WOBGEN_MOCartTicket
9 #endif
11 #include "WObject"
12 #include <QCoreApplication>
14 #include "MOEventPrice"
15 #include "MOEventPrice"
16 #include "MOEvent"
19 {
21  public:
22  Q_ENUMS(TicketValidationState);
26  Ok=0,
28  EventOver=1,
30  TooLate=2,
32  Exhausted=3,
34  Invalid=4
35  };
37  static TicketValidationState str2TicketValidationState(QString,bool*ok=0);
39  static QString TicketValidationState2str(TicketValidationState);
41  static TicketValidationState locstr2TicketValidationState(QString,bool*ok=0);
43  static QString TicketValidationState2locstr(TicketValidationState);
45  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<qint64> cartlineid READ cartlineid WRITE setcartlineid)
47  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<qint64> eventid READ eventid WRITE seteventid)
49  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<qint64> amount READ amount WRITE setamount)
51  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<qint64> pricecategoryid READ pricecategoryid WRITE setpricecategoryid)
53  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<qint64> origpricecategoryid READ origpricecategoryid WRITE setorigpricecategoryid)
55  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<qint64> price READ price WRITE setprice)
57  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<TicketValidationState> status READ status WRITE setstatus)
59  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<QString> statustext READ statustext WRITE setstatustext)
61  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<qint64> maxamount READ maxamount WRITE setmaxamount)
63  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<QString> cartid READ cartid WRITE setcartid)
65  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<MOEventPrice> eventprice READ eventprice WRITE seteventprice)
67  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<MOEventPrice> origeventprice READ origeventprice WRITE setorigeventprice)
69  Q_PROPERTY(Nullable<MOEvent> event READ event WRITE setevent)
70  protected:
71  Nullable<qint64> mp_cartlineid;
72  Nullable<qint64> mp_eventid;
73  Nullable<qint64> mp_amount;
74  Nullable<qint64> mp_pricecategoryid;
75  Nullable<qint64> mp_origpricecategoryid;
76  Nullable<qint64> mp_price;
77  Nullable<TicketValidationState> mp_status;
78  Nullable<QString> mp_statustext;
79  Nullable<qint64> mp_maxamount;
80  Nullable<QString> mp_cartid;
81  Nullable<MOEventPrice> mp_eventprice;
82  Nullable<MOEventPrice> mp_origeventprice;
83  Nullable<MOEvent> mp_event;
84  public:
86  virtual Nullable<qint64> cartlineid()const{return mp_cartlineid;}
88  virtual Nullable<qint64> eventid()const{return mp_eventid;}
90  virtual Nullable<qint64> amount()const{return mp_amount;}
92  virtual Nullable<qint64> pricecategoryid()const{return mp_pricecategoryid;}
94  virtual Nullable<qint64> origpricecategoryid()const{return mp_origpricecategoryid;}
96  virtual Nullable<qint64> price()const{return mp_price;}
98  virtual Nullable<TicketValidationState> status()const{return mp_status;}
100  virtual Nullable<QString> statustext()const{return mp_statustext;}
102  virtual Nullable<qint64> maxamount()const{return mp_maxamount;}
104  virtual Nullable<QString> cartid()const{return mp_cartid;}
106  virtual Nullable<MOEventPrice> eventprice()const{return mp_eventprice;}
108  virtual Nullable<MOEventPrice> origeventprice()const{return mp_origeventprice;}
110  virtual Nullable<MOEvent> event()const{return mp_event;}
112  virtual void setcartlineid(Nullable<qint64> s){mp_cartlineid=s;}
114  virtual void seteventid(Nullable<qint64> s){mp_eventid=s;}
116  virtual void setamount(Nullable<qint64> s){mp_amount=s;}
118  virtual void setpricecategoryid(Nullable<qint64> s){mp_pricecategoryid=s;}
120  virtual void setorigpricecategoryid(Nullable<qint64> s){mp_origpricecategoryid=s;}
122  virtual void setprice(Nullable<qint64> s){mp_price=s;}
124  virtual void setstatus(Nullable<TicketValidationState> s){mp_status=s;}
126  virtual void setstatustext(Nullable<QString> s){mp_statustext=s;}
128  virtual void setmaxamount(Nullable<qint64> s){mp_maxamount=s;}
130  virtual void setcartid(Nullable<QString> s){mp_cartid=s;}
132  virtual void seteventprice(Nullable<MOEventPrice> s){mp_eventprice=s;}
134  virtual void setorigeventprice(Nullable<MOEventPrice> s){mp_origeventprice=s;}
136  virtual void setevent(Nullable<MOEvent> s){mp_event=s;}
137  public:
139  QString toString();
143  QDomElement toXml(QDomDocument&doc,QString name="CartTicket");
145  void toXml(QDomDocument&,QDomElement&);
146  public:
148  MOCartTicket():WObject(){}
150  MOCartTicket(const MOCartTicket&);
152  MOCartTicket& operator=(const MOCartTicket&);
154  explicit MOCartTicket(const QDomElement&);
156  static MOCartTicket fromXml(const QDomElement&);
158  static MOCartTicket fromString(const QString&);
160  virtual ~MOCartTicket(){}
162 };
164 Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(QList<MOCartTicket::TicketValidationState>)
170 #endif
virtual Nullable< qint64 > pricecategoryid() const
Price category to be used for this ticket.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:92
virtual void seteventprice(Nullable< MOEventPrice > s)
Used in the Web UI only to provide access to price properties.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:132
virtual void setevent(Nullable< MOEvent > s)
Used in the Web UI only to provide access to event properties.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:136
virtual void setcartid(Nullable< QString > s)
The cartID as used by the web user interface, this property must not be interpreted while the server ...
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:130
Encapsulates tickets for a specific event in a specific price category as they are stored in the cart...
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:18
encapsulation of an event, this class wraps the auto-generated event class to provide some convenienc...
Definition: event.h:25
virtual void setpricecategoryid(Nullable< qint64 > s)
Price category to be used for this ticket.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:118
virtual Nullable< MOEvent > event() const
Used in the Web UI only to provide access to event properties.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:110
virtual Nullable< qint64 > origpricecategoryid() const
Price category originally assigned before the coupon changed it.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:94
virtual void setorigpricecategoryid(Nullable< qint64 > s)
Price category originally assigned before the coupon changed it.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:120
Definition: srcMOEventPrice.h:15
virtual Nullable< MOEventPrice > origeventprice() const
Used in the Web UI only to provide access to price properties.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:108
virtual void setstatus(Nullable< TicketValidationState > s)
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:124
virtual Nullable< qint64 > amount() const
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:90
virtual void setorigeventprice(Nullable< MOEventPrice > s)
Used in the Web UI only to provide access to price properties.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:134
virtual void setamount(Nullable< qint64 > s)
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:116
virtual void setmaxamount(Nullable< qint64 > s)
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:128
virtual Nullable< QString > statustext() const
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:100
virtual Nullable< TicketValidationState > status() const
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:98
Used when checking orders: tells us whether a ticket can be sold or not.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:24
virtual void setstatustext(Nullable< QString > s)
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:126
virtual Nullable< qint64 > price() const
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:96
virtual Nullable< qint64 > eventid() const
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:88
virtual void setcartlineid(Nullable< qint64 > s)
optional property that can be used by the calling process to distinguish lines in the cart...
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:112
virtual Nullable< QString > cartid() const
The cartID as used by the web user interface, this property must not be interpreted while the server ...
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:104
virtual ~MOCartTicket()
destructor: deletes this copy of the object
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:160
virtual void setprice(Nullable< qint64 > s)
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:122
virtual Nullable< MOEventPrice > eventprice() const
Used in the Web UI only to provide access to price properties.
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:106
virtual void seteventid(Nullable< qint64 > s)
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:114
virtual Nullable< qint64 > maxamount() const
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:102
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:8
default constructor: constructs an invalid instance of MOCartTicket
Definition: srcMOCartTicket.h:148