MagicSmoke Installing Pre-Packaged

The easiest way of installing MagicSmoke is using pre-packaged installation files.

Debian and Ubuntu

The main repository for MagicSmoke provides packages for a compatible release of Debian and the current release of Ubuntu. See for details.

You can enter a line like this to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb dist extra
The dist keyword must be replaced by the distribution of Debian or Ubuntu that you want to target. After that you can install MagicSmoke with Apt:
apt-get update
apt-get install magicsmoke2-client magicsmoke2-server magicsmoke2-doc

Alternatively download the packages from the pool directories (Debian; Ubuntu) and install them with dpkg -i package.

Other Linux'es

Download the msmoke2-*.tgz files of the newest version. Depending on your file system layout you will want to enter /usr, /usr/local or /opt to unpack those files


Only the client is available pre-packaged for Windows.

Download the Windows packages...


Only the client is available pre-packaged for MacOS/X.

Download the *.dmg file of the newest version, open it and drag the contained *.app to a place where you want MagicSmoke to be installed. It is recommended to move the app to your hard drive, to make it easier to start next time.